Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Man, a lot more work than surf lately. Yep, haven't been out in three weeks. Yep, missed all of the recent swell activity. Yep, I'm a kook because I just cannot get my ass up early enough to surf before the rest of the day starts.

To be fair, we just opened our new business, and after so much effort it has been it's own massive reward for sure. I do need some water in the gills, but I'm really stoked on what we have created. Not a surplus of sleep though.

So, I'll keep posting from time to time. There are so many other vital, active surf blogs these days, there's more than enough to check out as it is. Still, I can't seem to pull the plug completely. I still enjoy reading all of your blogs, pretty much everyday.

If you're into tea and you're in or near San Diego, I'm at the shop everyday except Monday. Halcyon Tea: 3009 Beech Street, 92102 in South Park.

The tide is pretty damn high tomorrow morning.