Friday, October 31, 2008

Nude as the News

I'm digging this live clip. Chan Marshall with Steve Shelley on point behind the kit.


warm jet said...

Rawkin JB 2 rad music finds.(with Shelly?) I must be biting from you! Hope ya don't mind.
And for you...check Transafixion for some kinda retro 'Band-Like' hippy shit. It's good sounding but as far as art? I would say they're in a romance with a certain period of the upper northeast.(sounds nice anyway)
I go back and forth with this retroish lazyness.(being a closet old hippy myself)
I'd much rather have the new school of thought, as long as it's good.
Deerhoof has some goodness yet tread the "arty" (not art)line a bit.
Hard for you and I to deny the trap man!
thanks.(sorry for ramble)

jb said...

Nah; never a need to apologize for a good ramble. Just glad to know some visitors are still dropping by. And never a problem to bite the music stuff. I'd say it's an even trade for sure.

I hear you about Deerhoof. It's a mood thing for me. Sometimes I wonder why I buy their records, and other times I'm just so into 'em.

Good to hear from ya.