Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Damn, JB! Where you been?

Workin'! Been super busy, and the shop is almost open. Have some final build-out to do, but we're almost there. Still been making time to get in the water, but the weather/wind hasn't cooperated with me the past few days. Yesterday I had to drive up to LA and it was sunny, minimal wind, and it looked fun driving past a few spots. Got up this morning and the wind was already on it! I gotta get in tomorrow no matter what.

We printed up these shop business cards a few weeks back. Not sure if there are any ink-on-paper heads out there, but I'm stoked on the subtle letterpress job. Doing the design for your own company is always complicated, but in the end I'm pretty stoked.

Thanks for checking in.



Mick said...

Great job. Letterpress. Now that is a novelty. And no your blog isn't half arsed. Always worth dropping in on to coin a phrase. I wish I just wasn't such a lazy bugger and linked more of those I liked.

jb said...

Thanks, Mick. I always enjoy reading your blog; I appreciate you checking in.

Patch said...

The cards look great, love moveable type!

jb said...

Thanks, Patch. I appreciate the good word.